Esplanade Place Ville Marie Redevelopment

Place Ville Marie is the most prestigious real estate complex in Montreal, comprising five office tower addresses, an upscale shopping centre that has been a fashion reference for more than 50 years now, a vast, 900-space indoor parking garage open 24/7, and an Esplanade — the expansive, public outdoor plaza that serves as an enchanting and refreshing oasis in downtown Montreal.

In 2017, Ivanhoé Cambridge launched major work at Place Ville Marie with a $200 million investment that aims to:

• Revitalize the Esplanade in an effort to position the space as a major urban gathering location rivalling those of great international metropolises. A glass pavilion will replace the four existing skylights and offer a striking entrance that provides access to the new shopping destinations and to Montreal’s underground City.

• Create a grand staircase connecting the Esplanade to the City’s central axis of McGill College

• Avenue with the relocation of parking entrances.

• Renew its commercial offering and serve up a new and improved dining experience.

• Rejuvenate the façades of 2 and 3 Place Ville Marie.

To execute this historic project, Ivanhoé Cambridge has called upon Montreal firms Sid Lee Architecture and Menkès Shooner Dagenais Létourneux Architectes. Eager to enhance Place Ville Marie within its historical context, the Ivanhoé Cambridge teams met with one of the original architects, Henry N. Cobb.

Mr. Cobb stated: “The Esplanade revitalization has been thoughtfully conceived and brilliantly imagined. This work will greatly enhance Place Ville Marie’s contribution to the civic life of Montreal, fulfilling the promise of our original vision and thereby making me enormously happy.”

With its programming, the Esplanade will encourage better living by providing users with spaces and services focused on health and well-being, such as oases of calm and rejuvenation, outdoor sports activities and an enhanced and revisited food offering.

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